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Vehicle Maintenance Program

Engine Service & Tuning:

    * Includes oil change & crankcase flushing
    * New oil filter
    * Air breather cleaning
    * Lubricate generator, starter, distributor and water pump
    * Inspect all belts and hoses
    * Inspect and service ignition and electrical wiring
    * New spark plugs, points and condenser, as required
    * Inspect distributor cap and rotor
    * Flush and check cooling system. Add antifreeze and rust Inhibitor
    * Check operation of all gauges, including speedometer, odometer and tachometer

 NOTE: All top quality lubricants and replacement parts are used.

Chassis Lubrication and Inspection:

    * Grease all zerk type and other fittings
    * Lubricate all friction points
    * Inspect all steering and suspension components
    * Check and fill transmission and rear differential, as required

 Complete brake service and Inspection:

    * Remove all wheel and brake drums. Clean & inspect brakes
    * Check all brake drums for wear and cracks
    * Lubricate front wheel bearings
    * Inspect rear wheel bearings

 Complete car detail:

    * Complete exterior washing
    * Color map and mix exact color touch-up paint. Repair any paint damage areas
    * Color sand and polish paint
    * Wax and detail exterior. Includes polishing all chrome and bright work
    * Detail engine bay and engine components.
    * Steam clean convertible top and top boot
    * Fabricate and fit clear vinyl protective convertible top and  accessory truck covers
    * Clean and condition all interior leather and fabric
    * Clean and condition carpets
    * Touch-up and clean interior wood trim
    * Clean and polish spoke or disk wheels
    * Clean and condition all white and black wall tires
    * Touch-up and detail complete undercarriage 

NOTE: We use only quality cleaning products






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